Ascona Foods Group is a leading manufacturer of quality food ingredients in the Canadian food industry. We specialize in the research, development and manufacture of custom food ingredients systems for commercial food producers. Using quality ingredients sourced globally, we offer a variety of functional systems, products, and techniques that impact product performance. Whether you are looking for spices, hydrocolloids, flavours, or a brand new product to bring into the market, Ascona will provide you with innovative and cost-effective solutions.

  • Functional Ingredients & Natural Solutions

    Ascona’s functional ingredients and ingredient systems positively impact product yields, modify textures, and increase shelf-life. Utilizing scientifically proven ingredients and additives, our systems can effectively enhance product stability. In turn, this allows for an increase in a product’s shelf-life and reduction of waste and spoilage. Our systems can reduce the risk of food safety concerns related to Listeria and other food-borne pathogens. Ascona’s functional ingredient systems are available in a variety of formats and can be applied to a range of products including meats, poultry, fish and vegetarian meat analogues.

    With a growing consumer concern for clean labels, Ascona has targeted research towards natural solutions for microbial control and shelf-life extension. Ascona offers a variety of clean label solutions proven to extend shelf-life and aid in the inhibition of spoilage microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria. We have solutions that meet natural regulations for a number of regulatory bodies.

  • Custom Seasonings

    Ascona’s seasoning blends are made to client order. We design customized formulations for new products, and flavour match to existing products. Our seasoning blends are made available with customized packaging and labelling solutions.

  • Coating Solutions

    Ascona’s coating specialists develop systems for all kinds of batter and breaded products. Our systems are designed to impact product function while delivering on flavour, texture and unique appearance. We design products for retail, food service and corporate applications. Our systems are suited to many cooking procedures including fry, non-fry and in-line oven cook. All of Ascona’s blends are made available in a range of flavours and colours. We can even formulate our products to include many nutritional food benefits such as high fibre, low sodium and allergen free.

  • Burgers & Sausages

    At Ascona we believe the BBQ season can last all year long! Our team of product development specialists create functional units to help bind fat and retain moisture resulting in a flavourful and juicy burger or sausage. Our experience with formed products extends beyond sausages and burgers as we have extensive knowledge in nuggets and emulsion-based products. We design exceptional ingredient systems that suit allergen free and clean label products. Ask about our NUTRACASING® for Kosher and Halal sausages.

  • Traditional Deli

    Ascona’s meat experts are trained in traditional European style meat processing. We specialize in the development of functional ingredient systems for cooked, smoked, dried, fresh and frozen products. With over 50 years of product development experience, Ascona has significant research capabilities. Our experiences afford us great knowledge in processing procedures and techniques, to create both functionally sound and great tasting products.

  • Vegan & Vegetarian

    Ascona’s development team specializes in creation of cutting edge meat analogue systems that deliver on taste and mouthfeel. Our products deliver on these aspects for the vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian consumer. See Edible Films and Casings for more information on unique vegetarian product offerings.

  • Edible Films & Casings

    Our team of technologists have developed edible films and casings that are comprised of plant-based ingredients. All of our products are 100% vegetarian, biodegradable, and can be fortified with a variety of flavours, nutrients and functional properties. Utilizing state of the art print technology, our films possess the capacity to showcase text, brand names, logos, pictures and colours directly on a product’s surface. They are safe for ingestion and can be used in an array of commercial applications including confectionary, baked goods, edible breath strips, sausage casings and more.

    Ascona’s NUTRAFILM® and NUTRACASING® products are comprised of natural polysaccharides and water. Using patented technology, these products provide an alternative to natural casings, collagen and cellulose that is non-GMO, Kosher, Halal and vegetarian friendly. NUTRAFILM® is ideal for use on smoked, roasted and steam cooked meat products. This film has excellent machinability and works to improve product cook yields. NUTRACASING® is a shirred casing suited to fresh, cooked, smoked & cooked, or dry cured products. Our casing is available in a variety of sizes from 17 mm through 32mm and performs on automated stuffing and linking equipment. NUTRACASING® offers a unique bite, texture and the sought-after snap of natural sausage casings.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Caption: Ascona’s dedication to innovation creates an ever-evolving portfolio of new product offerings. Ascona has developed unique product offerings to provide solutions to our customers using over 20 years of film development expertise and patented film technology.

    Our spice transfer films are coated with spices and seasonings ideal for use on meat, poultry and fish proteins. Through encapsulation technology, our films transfer spice onto finished product surface. Ascona’s spice film technology allows our customers to reduce product waste while improving coverage, flavour and adhesion.

    Breath strips and edible films can carry functional ingredients at controlled doses. Quick dissolving films can be used for oral delivery of vitamins and extracts. Films are custom developed for flavour and colour and can be tailored to individual customer preference.